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LDAP (v3) Revision

Versions: 01
Charter for "LDAP (v3) Revision" (ldapbis) WG
Title: LDAP (v3) Revision
WG State: Concluded
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Last updated: 2006-06-13

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Charter charter-ietf-ldapbis-01

The LDAPv3 "core" specification is RFC 2251-2256 and 2829-2831.
The purpose of this working group is to shepherd these RFCs
through the Internet Standard process.

The group will deliver revised LDAPv3 specifications suitable for 
consideration as a Draft Standard. This work will be based upon RFCs
2251-2256, 2829-2831.

The group will deliver a document detailing IANA considerations
for LDAP suitable for consideration as a Best Current Practice.

The group will deliver an applicability statement defining LDAPv3.
This work will be based upon draft-hodges-ldapv3-as-00.txt.

The following areas are out of scope: 
- "LDAPv4"

- All LDAP Extensions (LDAPext) excepting StartTLS.

- LDAP Replication (LDUP)- LDAP non-"core" Schema

- Connection-less LDAP (LDAPext)