Certificate Management over CMS (CMC) Updates

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Comment (2011-09-01 for -)
I don't have any problem with this if the WG and people implementing from it are happy with it, but it does seem that the format as just a collection of the changes rather than a stand-alone document to be possibly confusing and error-prone to work from.  However, if the real stakeholders are happy with it, then that's all that matters, I guess.

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Comment (2011-09-05 for -)
I have not done a detailed review of this document and will trust that the Security ADs have done.

I am somewhat puzzled by...
   This document contains a new IANA considerations section to be added
   to [RFC5273] as part of this update.

Section 3.2 says...
   Reference: [ RFC-to-be ]
...and I assume that means *this* document.

So the new IANA section is as a result of 5273, but not part of it.

Stephen Farrell No Objection

Comment (2011-09-06 for -)
Doesn't the new change subject name thing require a new security
consideration? E.g. if an RA says it'd like a new cert renaming
stephen.farrell to *.google.com?  I think just a sentence saying
that the RA and CA need to ensure that both the new and old names
adhere to any relevant policies/practices would do fine.

There may be a case for also making the general point as well
that CAs MUST check names are according to policy/practice
as well, but even if so, the new name change thing should
also get a mention I reckon.

But that can all be done in one sentence so it should be easy.

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Comment (2011-09-06)
Please consider the editorial comments from the Gen-ART Review by
  Elwyn Davies on 5 September 2011.

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Comment (2011-09-08)
1. I believe that this format of defining in one RFC updates for other 3 RFCs is quite difficult to read and follow. 

2. - In section 2.5. New Section 6.20 RA Identity Proof Witness control:

"Identity Proof Version 2" should be "Identity Proof Version 2 control" if I'm correct.

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Comment (2011-09-06 for -)
I concur with Wesley Eddy's comment, especially given the scope of changes to RFC 5272.

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