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BGP Algorithms, Key Formats, & Signature Formats

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Secure Inter-Domain Routing Working Group                      S. Turner
Internet-Draft                                                IECA, Inc.
Updates: 6485 (if approved)                             January 21, 2015
Intended status: BCP                                                    
Expires: July 25, 2015                                                  

            BGP Algorithms, Key Formats, & Signature Formats

   This document specifies the algorithms, algorithms' parameters,
   asymmetric key formats, asymmetric key size and signature format used
   in BGPSEC (Border Gateway Protocol Security).  This document updates
   the Profile for Algorithms and Key Sizes for use in the Resource
   Public Key Infrastructure (RFC 6485).

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   provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.

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Turner                   Expires July 25, 2015                  [Page 1]
Internet-Draft    BGPSEC Algs, Key & Signature Formats  January 21, 2015

1.  Introduction

   This document specifies:
      o the digital signature algorithm and parameters;
      o the hash algorithm and parameters;
      o the public and private key formats; and,
      o the signature format
   used by Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Certification
   Authorities (CA), and BGPSEC (Border Gateway Protocol Security)
   speakers (i.e., routers).  CAs use these algorithms when issuing
   BGPSEC Router Certificates [ID.sidr-bgpsec-pki-profiles] and CRLs
   [RFC6487].  BGPSEC routers use these when requesting BGPSEC
   certificates [ID.sidr-bgpsec-pki-profiles], generating BGPSEC Update
   messages [ID.sidr-bgpsec-protocol], and verifying BGPSEC Update
   messages [ID.sidr-bgpsec-protocol].

   This document is referenced by the BGPSEC specification [ID.sidr-
   bgpsec-protocol] and the profile for BGPSEC Router Certificates and
   Certification Requests [ID.sidr-bgpsec-pki-profiles].  Familiarity
   with these documents is assumed.  Implementers are reminded, however,
   that, as noted in Section 2 of [ID.sidr-bgpsec-pki-profiles], the
   algorithms used to sign CA Certificates, BGPSEC Router Certificates,
   and CRLs are found in [RFC6485].

   This document updates [RFC6485] to add support for a) a different
   algorithm for BGPSEC certificate requests, which are only issued by
   BGPSEC speakers; b) a different Subject Public Key Info format for
   BGPSEC certificates, which is needed for the specified BGPSEC
   signature algorithm; and, c) a different signature format for BGPSEC
   signatures, which is needed for the specified BGPSEC signature
   algorithm.  The BGPSEC certificate are differentiated from other RPKI
   certificates by the use of the BGPSEC Extended Key Usage defined in

1.1.  Terminology

   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in


Turner                   Expires July 25, 2015                  [Page 2]
Internet-Draft    BGPSEC Algs, Key & Signature Formats  January 21, 2015

2.  Algorithms

   Four cryptographic algorithms are used to support BGPSEC:

     o The signature algorithm used when issuing BGPSEC certificates and

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