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Version 5.13.0, 2015-03-25
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IMAP4 Keyword Registry
RFC 5788

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

Summary: Needs a YES. Needs 9 more YES or NO OBJECTION positions to pass.

[Adrian Farrel]

Comment (2009-12-01 for -)

Section 3

> Keywords intended for common use SHOULD start with the "$" prefix.
> (Note that this is a SHOULD because some of the commonly used IMAP
> keywords in widespread use don't follow this convention.)

As discussed, you could insist that all new keywords intended for common use
MUST start with the "$" prefix as a definition of the registry.



"IMAP Keywords" of "IMAP keywords" ?


Section 2

"cross client interoperability"
What have the clients to be cross about?
Try "cross-client"

[Lars Eggert]

Comment (2009-12-02 for -10)

Section 3., paragraph 21:
>    Registration of an IMAP keyword intended for common use (whether or
>    not they use the "$" prefix) requires Expert Review [RFC5226].  After
>    allowing for at least two weeks for community input on the designated
>    mailing list (as described above), the expert will determine the
>    appropriateness of the registration request and either approve or
>    disapprove the request with notice to the requestor, the mailing
>    list, and IANA.  Any refusal must come with a clear explanation.

  Is list input & the required delay really necessary? Don't we trust
  the experts to do the right thing?

Section 3., paragraph 22:
>    The IESG appoints one or more Expert Reviewer, one of which is
>    designated as the primary Expert Reviewer.  IMAP keywords intended
>    for common use SHOULD be standardized in IETF Review [RFC5226]
>    documents.

  What does "primary" mean? Nowhere else in this document is described
  what sets this experts apart from the others. (Suggest to simply
  remove this.)

Section 3.2., paragraph 1:
>    Once an IMAP keyword registration has been published by IANA, the
>    author may request a change to its definition.

  Who is the "author"? Do you mean the owner?

Section 3.2., paragraph 4:
>    IMAP keyword registrations may not be deleted; keywords which are no
>    longer believed appropriate for use can be declared OBSOLETE by a
>    change to their "intended usage" field.

  I believe HISTORIC would be more correct (whenever we say "obsolete"
  we usually saw obsoleted by *what*).