Liaison statement
IETF PAWS WG Rechartering

Submission date 2012-06-12
From The IETF (Russ Housley)
To IEEE 802.1 (Paul Nikolich)
Cc Eric Gray, The IETF Chair, The IESG, Tony Jeffree, Bruce Kraemer, Apurva Mody, Pat Thaler, Dan Romascanu
Purpose For information
Referenced liaison Response to the IEEE 802.1 Liaison Letter
Attachments (None)
Dear Mr. Nikolich, Ms. Thaler, Mr. Jeffree, Mr. Kraemer, Mr. Mody:

Following-up the Response to the Liaison Letter from IEEE 802.1 that we
sent on 10 May 2012, we would like to inform you about the recent
rechartering of the Protocol to Access WS database (paws) working group
in the Applications Area of the IETF. This WG included in its charter
( the intention to
'communicate and invite participation with other relevant standards
bodies and groups, and if necessary reuse existing liaison
relationships or request the establishment of new liaison
relationships, including but not limited to IEEE 802.11af and IEEE
802.22'. We believe that this activity needs to be added to the list of
activities already mentioned in the liaison letter, for which
cooperation between the two organizations is needed.

On behalf of the IESG,
Russ Housley
IETF Chair