Liaison statement
Response to Q7/17 "LS on security architecture and operations for web mashup service

Submission date 2012-07-31
From Security Area (Eliot Lear)
To ITU-T SG 17 (
Cc A Kremer, Koji Nakao, Eliot Lear, Stephen Farrell, Sean Turner, The IETF Chair, Barry Lieba, Pete Resnick,, Mark Nottingham
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Purpose In response
Referenced liaison LS on security architecture and operations for web mashup services
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The IETF Security Area thanks ITU-T study group 17 for the opportunity
to comment on the proposed new work item, X.websec-5. There are
numerous related activities to this work, including the work of the
following IETF working groups in the Applications and Security areas:

·      Web Security (websec)
·      Web Authorization Protocol (oauth)
·      Transport Layer Security (tls)

We bring to your attention RFC-6454 "The Web Origin Concept",
draft-ietf-websec-frame-options, as well as 
draft-ietf-websec-x-frame-options, each of which looks at improving
overall web security of which mashups are classed.

In addition, we are aware of a considerable amount of effort in this
area in the W3C.

As always, we welcome participation in discussions about IETF protocols
through our mailing lists,,, and