Liaison statement
Liaison Statement to IETF PCE WG

Submission date 2005-11-25
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
Response contact,
Technical contact
Purpose For information
Attachments Liaison Statement to IETF PCE WG
Thank you for your positive response to our previous liaison statement.
 We look forward to continued cooperation on this work.  As a result of
the comments in your liaison statement we have drafted text to modify
G.8080 that we plan to consent at the February 2006 meeting of SG 15. 
We have added a second route query interface to the routing controller
component.  This allows a routing controller to consult other routing
controllers to resolve a route.  We have also indicated that a routing
controller component can contain either a path computation function, a
routing database or both.  These constructs were already present in
G.7715.1.  We believe that the ASON architecture is now aligned with
your work on PCE.  We would appreciate being kept informed on this