Liaison statement
New work item on requirements for Deep Packet Inspection

Submission date 2009-03-05
From <unknown body 0> (Tatiana Kurakova)
To IETF IAB, IETF IESG (Olaf Kolkman)
Cc Scott Bradner, Monique Morrow
Response contact Meng Ji
Technical contact Meng Ji
Purpose For information
Deadline 2009-04-01 Action Taken
Attachments Draft baseline text of Y.dpireq “Requirements of DPI in packet-based networks and NGN
Q.17/13 met in Geneva from 12-23 January 2009. We agreed to develop a new
Recommendation (codenamed Y.dpireq) on the requirements for Deep Packet
Inspection in
packet based networks and NGN environment.
The initial baseline of Y.dpireq is attached for your review. We welcome any
comments you may
Q.17/13 will meet again to advance the DPI related work in May 2009 in Geneva,
Attachment: Y.dpireq (TD 23 Rev.2 (WP 4/13))