Liaison statement
Working Group Lat Call on the MPLS-TP Framework (ref #015.01)

Submission date 2010-02-04
From IETF MPLS WG (Loa Andersson)
To ITU-T SG15 (
Cc Yoichi Maeda, Greg Jones, Ghani Abbas, Huub Van Helvoort, Malcolm Betts, Hing-Kam Lam,, ITU-T ad hoc team on MPLS-TP, Dave Ward, Adrian Farrel, Ross Callon, Patrik Fältström, Stewart Bryant, MPLS WG, MPLS-TP List
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Technical contact,
Purpose For action
Deadline 2010-03-05 Action Taken
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Working Group Last Call on the MPLS-TP Framework (ref #015.01).

SG15, Q9, Q11, Q12 and Q14

We like to to inform you that we have just started a working 
group last call on "A Framework for MPLS in Transport Networks"

We would like to receive comments from the ITU-T by March 5th

Loa Andersson
George Swallow

MPLS Working Group co-chairs