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Internet Accounting 2 (acct2)
(concluded WG)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.
Name: Internet Accounting 2
State: Concluded
Charter: charter-ietf-acct2-01 (Approved)
Chairs: Nevil Brownlee <>
Cynthia Mills <>
Area Director: Scott Bradner <>
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Charter for Working Group

The Internet Acounting Working Group had the goal of producing
standards for the collection of accounting data within the Internet
to support a wide range of management and cost allocation policies.
This Internet Accouting 2 Working Group (acct2) continues by
publishing the Accounting Architecture and Accounting Meter MIB RFCs
as quickly as possible.

The 'accounting model' is a generalized model for accounting data,
covering the adjacent, peer and transport layers for several network
protocols (IP, IPX, EtherTalk, DECnet and CLNS). This will be
developed further to include the application layer.

File formats for accounting data storage are also of interest.
Standardization of these would facilitate data exchange between
accounting and billing systems (e.g., telco systems.) The working
group will also produce a requirements document for the further use
of accounting data.

The RMON Working Group is also interested in monitoring traffic flows
between pairs of hosts, an activity which is already covered by the
accounting meter MIB. This group will consult with RMON on this
topic. Other working groups (such as NASREQ and AAC) are also
interested in accounting issues; this group will consult with them to
ensure that such issues are addressed in a consistent way.


Publish Internet-Draft of accounting meter MIB.
Sep 1994
Publish Internet-Draft of accounting architecture.
Dec 1994
Meet at San Jose IETF and discuss file formats for accounting data.
Dec 1994
Submit accounting meter MIB to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard.
Dec 1994
Submit accounting architecture Internet-Draft to IESG for publication as an Informational RFC.
Dec 1994
Meet at San Jose IETF to discuss information needed for higher-layer accounting, and consider how best to extend the Internet accounting model.
Jan 1995
Publish Internet-Draft on file formats.
Feb 1995
Publish Internet-Draft on an extended accounting model.
Mar 1995
Meet at Danvers IETF to discuss requirements for further use of accounting data.
Apr 1995
Publish 'Requirements for Further Use of Accounting Data' as an Internet-Draft.
Apr 1995
Submit accounting file formats Internet-Draft to IESG as Informational RFC.
Aug 1995
Submit extended accounting model to IESG as an Informational RFC.
Aug 1995
Submit 'Requirements for Further Use of Accounting Data' to IESG as an Information RFC.