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Version 5.3.0, 2014-04-12
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EAP Method Update (emu)

Group History

2014-03-05 Cindy Morgan Shepherding AD changed to Kathleen Moriarty from None
2010-11-16 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Tunnel/Password Method Requirements to IESG", resolved as "Done"
2010-11-16 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Strong Shared Secret Mechanism to IESG", resolved as "Done"
2006-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "Form password based mechanism design team", resolved as "Done"
2006-06-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit first draft of shared secret mechanism I-D", resolved as "Done"
2006-06-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit 2716bis I-D", resolved as "Done"
2006-02-28 (System) Changed milestone "Form design team to work on strong shared secret mechanism", resolved as "Done"
2006-01-05 (System) Started group
2005-10-01 (System) Proposed group