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IP Over FDDI (fddi)
(concluded WG)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.
Name: IP Over FDDI
Area:Internet Area (int)
State: Concluded
Charter: charter-ietf-fddi-01 (Approved)
Chair: Dave Katz <>
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Charter for Working Group

The IP over FDDI Working Group is chartered to create Internet
Standards for the use of the Internet Protocol and related protocols
on the Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) medium. This protocol
will provide support for the wide variety of FDDI configurations
(e.g., dual MAC stations) in such a way as to not constrain their
application, while maintaining the architectural philosophy of the
Internet protocol suite. The Group will maintain liaison with other
interested parties (e.g., ANSI ASC X3T9.5) to ensure technical
alignment with other standards. This Group is specifically not
chartered to provide solutions to mixed media bridging problems.


Write a document specifying the use of IP on a single MAC FDDI station.
Aug 1990
Write a document specifying the use of IP on dual MAC FDDI stations.