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Version 5.13.0, 2015-03-25
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Extensions to FTP (ftpext)
(concluded WG)

Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
  RFC 2389
(was draft-ietf-ftpext-feat)
Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol 1998-08 RFC 2389 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 2428
(was draft-ietf-ftpext-ftp-over-ipv6)
FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs 1998-09 RFC 2428 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 2577
(was draft-ietf-ftpext-sec-consider)
FTP Security Considerations 1999-05 RFC 2577 (Informational)
  RFC 2640
(was draft-ietf-ftpext-intl-ftp)
Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol 1999-07 RFC 2640 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 3659
(was draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst)
Extensions to FTP 2007-03 RFC 3659 (Proposed Standard) Ted Hardie