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Version 5.6.4.p1, 2014-10-20
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Multipath TCP (mptcp)

Group History

2014-06-23 Stephanie McCammon sent scheduled notification for IETF-90
2013-03-13 Cindy Morgan Shepherding AD changed to Martin Stiemerling from Wesley Eddy
2012-01-05 (System) Changed milestone "Submit to IESG basic coupled congestion control as an experimental RFC", resolved as "Done"
2011-04-14 (System) Changed milestone "Submit to IESG architectural guidelines and security threat analysis as informational RFC(s)", resolved as "Done"
2011-04-14 (System) Changed milestone "Established WG consensus on the Architecture", resolved as "Done"
2009-10-15 (System) Started group
2009-09-16 (System) Proposed group