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OSI Directory Services (osids)
(concluded WG)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.
Name: OSI Directory Services
Area:Applications Area (app)
State: Concluded
Charter: charter-ietf-osids-01 (Approved)
Chair: Steve Kille <>
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Charter for Working Group

The OSI-DS group works on issues relating to building an OSI Directory
Service using X.500 and its deployment on the Internet. Whilst this
group is not directly concerned with piloting, the focus is practical,
and technical work needed as a pre-requisite to deployment of an open
Directory will be considered.


Oct 1990
Liaisons should be established as appropriate. In particular: RARE WG3, NIST, CCITT/ISO IEC, North American Directory Forum.
Oct 1990
Maintain a Schema for the OSI Directory on the Internet.
Study the relationship of the OSI Directory to the Domain Name Service.
Definition of a Technical Framework for Provision of a Directory Infrastructure on the Internet, using X.500. This task may later be broken into subtasks. A series of RFCs will be produced.