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Port Control Protocol (pcp)

Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts
draft-ietf-pcp-anycast-02 PCP Anycast Address 2014-08-25 I-D Exists
WG Document
draft-ietf-pcp-authentication-06 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Authentication Mechanism 2014-10-13 I-D Exists
WG Document
draft-ietf-pcp-optimize-keepalives-04 Optimizing NAT and Firewall Keepalives Using Port Control Protocol (PCP) 2014-09-19 I-D Exists
WG Document
draft-ietf-pcp-port-set-06 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Extension for Port Set Allocation 2014-07-21 I-D Exists
WG Document
Reinaldo Penno
draft-ietf-pcp-server-selection-06 PCP Server Selection 2014-08-20 Publication Requested (for 38 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication
Ted Lemon
Dave Thaler
RFC 6887
(was draft-ietf-pcp-base)
Port Control Protocol (PCP) 2013-04 RFC 6887 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6970
(was draft-ietf-pcp-upnp-igd-interworking)
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Internet Gateway Device - Port Control Protocol Interworking Function (IGD-PCP IWF) 2013-07 RFC 6970 (Proposed Standard) Ted Lemon
RFC 7220
(was draft-ietf-pcp-description-option)
Description Option for the Port Control Protocol (PCP) 2014-05 RFC 7220 (Proposed Standard) Ted Lemon
Dave Thaler
RFC 7225
(was draft-ietf-pcp-nat64-prefix64)
Discovering NAT64 IPv6 Prefixes Using the Port Control Protocol (PCP) 2014-05 RFC 7225 (Proposed Standard) Ted Lemon
Dave Thaler
RFC 7291
(was draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp)
DHCP Options for the Port Control Protocol (PCP) 2014-07 RFC 7291 (Proposed Standard) Ted Lemon
Dave Thaler
Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Related Internet-Drafts
draft-boucadair-pcp-deployment-cases-03 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Deployment Models 2014-07-03 I-D Exists
draft-boucadair-pcp-sfc-classifier-control-01 PCP as a Traffic Classifier Control Protocol 2014-10-20 I-D Exists
draft-boucadair-pcp-sip-ipv6-02 PCP for SIP Deployments in Managed Networks 2014-10-20 I-D Exists
draft-chen-pcp-authentication-sim-00 (U)SIM based PCP Authentication 2014-07-04 I-D Exists
draft-deng-pcp-ddns-06 Using Port Control Protocol (PCP) to update dynamic DNS 2014-06-11 I-D Exists
RFC Editor State: RFC-EDITOR
Sent to the RFC Editor
Nevil Brownlee
draft-mou-pcp-application-network-feedback-01 PCP Extension for Signaling Feedback Information from the End-User Application to the Application Sever and to the Network 2014-05-06
expires soon
I-D Exists
draft-ripke-pcp-tunnel-id-option-01 PCP Tunnel-ID Option 2014-07-04 I-D Exists
draft-wang-pcp-bind-operation-00 PCP BIND Operation 2014-07-03 I-D Exists