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Version 5.6.2.p2, 2014-07-24
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RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques (rmcat)

Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts
draft-ietf-rmcat-cc-requirements-05 Congestion Control Requirements For RMCAT 2014-07-04 AD Evaluation (for 48 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication
Spencer Dawkins
Mirja Kuehlewind
draft-ietf-rmcat-eval-criteria-02 Evaluating Congestion Control for Interactive Real-time Media 2014-07-25 I-D Exists
WG Document
draft-ietf-rmcat-rtp-cc-feedback-00 Using RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Feedback for Unicast Multimedia Congestion Control 2014-07-24 I-D Exists
WG Document
Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Related Internet-Drafts
draft-alvestrand-rmcat-congestion-02 A Google Congestion Control Algorithm for Real-Time Communication 2014-02-14 I-D Exists 1
draft-johansson-rmcat-scream-cc-02 Self-Clocked Rate Adaptation for Multimedia 2014-06-26 I-D Exists
draft-sarker-rmcat-cellular-eval-test-cases-01 Evaluation Test Cases for Interactive Real-Time Media over Cellular Networks 2014-06-27 I-D Exists
draft-sarker-rmcat-eval-test-01 Test Cases for Evaluating RMCAT Proposals 2014-06-17 I-D Exists
Call For Adoption By WG Issued
draft-singh-rmcat-adaptive-fec-00 Congestion Control Using FEC for Conversational Media 2014-07-04 I-D Exists 1
draft-welzl-rmcat-coupled-cc-03 Coupled congestion control for RTP media 2014-05-07 I-D Exists
draft-zanaty-rmcat-app-interaction-01 RTP Application Interaction with Congestion Control 2014-07-04 I-D Exists
Call For Adoption By WG Issued
draft-zhu-rmcat-nada-03 NADA: A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Real-Time Media 2014-03-13 I-D Exists