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Operations & Management Area Open Meeting (opsarea)

Group history

Date By Action
2024-03-20 Liz Flynn Chair changed to Mahesh Jethanandani, Warren Kumari from Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari
2022-07-14 Cindy Morgan Resources changed to tracker (Issue tracker), wiki (Wiki), zulip (Zulip stream) from tracker (Issue tracker), wiki (Wiki)
2020-03-25 Amy K. Vezza Chairs changed to Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari from Ignas Bagdonas, Warren Kumari
2020-03-19 Warren "Ace" Kumari Shepherding AD changed to Warren Kumari from
2018-03-21 Cindy Morgan Info Changed
2017-03-30 Cindy Morgan Chairs changed to Benoit Claise, Warren Kumari from Joel Jaeggli, Benoit Claise
2015-10-09 Stephanie McCammon sent scheduled notification for IETF-94
2015-06-26 Stephanie McCammon sent scheduled notification for IETF-93
2015-01-08 Cindy Morgan Info Changed