Agenda IETF100: dnsop

Meeting Agenda Domain Name System Operations (dnsop) WG
Title Agenda IETF100: dnsop
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Meeting Agenda

   # DNS Operations (DNSOP) Working Group
## IETF 100, Singapore
### Session I

* Date: Monday 13 November 2017
* Time: 09:30-1200 SGT (UTC+8)
* Room: Padang

* Chairs: Tim Wicinski
* Chairs: Suzanne Woolf

* Secretary: Paul Hoffman

* IESG Overlord: Warren Kumari

* [DocList](
* [DataTracker](

## Agenda

### Administrivia

* Agenda Bashing, Blue Sheets, etc,  10 min

* Updates of Old Work, Chairs, 10 min

### Current Working Group Business

Hoffman, 15min
    Chairs feel we are closing in on WGLC, but need reviewers

Hardaker, 10min
    WGLC ended with lack of consensus and gaping questions.

Hardaker, 10min
    questions from 16 October

Random HTTP Person, 10min
    resolve any loose threads from adopted version

Bellis, 10min
    lots of push back last time

### New Working Group Business

Fujiwara, 15min
    another multiple responses idea, with code

Migault, 10min
    Authors feel this should be a WG document?

Huston, 10min
    does the working group feel as a useful option?

Dupont, 10min
    this addresses the TSIG bug from this summer

Kumari, 10min

### Time Permitting

* RFC7706 localroot demo (, Hardaker