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Title Agenda IETF100: nmrg
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Meeting Agenda

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* Session 1
  Monday, November 13th, Afternoon session III, 17:40 – 18:40 (1 hour)

        Scribe(s) and notetaker(s)
        Agenda bashing

1.a) Intent Based Network Management (IBNM)
        . Distinguishing Intent, Policy, and Service Models (10 min.),
        presenter: Alexander Clemm

        . Concepts of Network Intent (10 min.), presenter: Mouli Chandramouli

        . Discussion and Next steps (15 min.)

1.b) NMRG in 2017, 2018 and beyond (15 min.)
        . 2017 RG meetings and progress of work
                + 4 meetings:
                        - IETF98, Chicago, March. Topic: Autonomic Networks 2.0
                        - IM2016, Lisbon, May. Topic: New research items
                        - IETF99, Prague, July. Topic: General meeting, and
                        Workshop on Measurement-Based Network Management -
                        IETF100, Singapore, November. Topic: Intent Based
                        Network Management, and Use of artificial intelligence
                        (AI) for network management

                + RG document
                        Autonomic Networking Use Case for Distributed Detection
                        of SLA Violations
                        Just passed IRSG poll. Next step: IESG conflict review.

                + 4 active (individual) documents
                + 1 document not published after IESG conflict review.

        . 2018 RG meetings plan
                *** Tentative list to be discussed ***
                + IETF 101, London, March
                + NOMS 2018, Taiwan, April
                + IETF 102, Montreal, July
                + IETF 103, TBA, November
                + Interim and topical meetings with other groups/events. Open
                for suggestions.

        . Evolution of NMRG
                + Research agenda organized around “themes”
                        - IBNM, AI techniques, Autonomics 2.0… Other topics of
                        interest and volunteers to progress the work? - Derive
                        research items, work plan and milestones
                + Do we need a new/revised charter?

* Session 2
  Tuesday, November 14th, Morning session I, 9:30 - 12:00 (2.5 hours)
  Special session on the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Network

        Scribe(s) and notetaker(s)
        Agenda bashing

2.a) Scope and Objectives (5 min.), presenters: NMRG chairs

2.b) Use cases and research results. (~70 min.)
        . A deep-reinforcement learning approach for software-defined
        networking routing optimization (10 min.), presenter: Albert Cabellos .
        Use of CVAE for Network QoS Management (10 min.), presenter: Shen Yan .
        Network traffic analysis for encrypted traffic and security monitoring
        (10 min.), presenter: Jérôme François . Model-free Resource Management
        of Cloud-based applications using Reinforcement Learning (10 min.),
        presenter: Armen Aghasaryan . The CogNet Report. Addressing
        data-enabled network management (10 min.), presenter: Diego Lopez .
        Q&A and discussion (20 min.)

2.c) Emerging landscape of AI in Networks (~50 min.)
        . IEEE ComSoc ETC on Network Intelligence (10 min.), presenter: Laurent
        Ciavaglia . ETSI ISG Experiential Network Intelligence (ENI) 10 min.),
        presenter: Will Liu . IETF/IRTF Intelligence Driven Networks (10 min.),
        presenter: Sheng Jiang . Q&A and discussion (20 min.)

2.d) Discussion, conclusions and way forward (~20 minutes)
        . What have we learned? What’s important for the next steps?
                + Research items
                + Standardization path(s)
        . How do we structure the work to be done
                + Collective roadmap, work plan, deliverables