Agenda IETF100: taps

Meeting Agenda Transport Services (taps) WG
Title Agenda IETF100: taps
State Active
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Last updated 2017-11-07

Meeting Agenda

   Tansport Services (TAPS) working group - IETF100

Chairs: Aaron Falk, Zaheduzzaman Sarker


# Blue sheets / scribe selection / NOTE WELL - 2 min
# Agenda bashing - 3 min


1. Chairs update - 10 min

2. draft-ietf-taps-minset-00 - Michael Wizel, University of Oslo -15 min
         discussion point:
          - fallback mechanism UDP and TLS

3. draft-trammell-taps-post-sockets-03, Brian Trammel, ETH Zurich - 20 min
   discussion point:
          - expected adoption call targeting charter item 3

5. draft-tiesel-taps-socketintents-01, Philipp S. Tiesel, TU Berlin - 20 min
   discussion points:
                 - Are Socket Intents easy enough?
                 - Is the structure of Socket Intent Types sufficient to
                 express all anticipated future non-requirement performance
                 preferences and application knowledge? - What Socket Intent
                 Types / kinds of information are missing? - Does the current
                 abstract definition of Socket Intents fit the way the IETF
                 specifies abstract APIs?

4. draft-pauly-taps-guidelines-01 - Tommy Pauly, Apple -25 min
   discussion points:
           - how racing/falling back between protocols is done? implicitly or
           driven by caller of the API. - how to move forward with happy
           eyeballs (draft-grinnemo-taps-he-03) draft and racing guideline

6. draft-fairhurst-taps-neat-00, Godred Fairhurst, University of Aberdeen -20
   discussion point:
           - callback based API and policy for selection.

7. Discussion on charter item 3 - 10 min
   Discussion point:
           - how to address the charter item 3?