Agenda IETF101: dtn

Meeting Agenda Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (dtn) WG
Title Agenda IETF101: dtn
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Meeting Agenda

IETF DTN working group meeting
IETF 101 - London

09:30 local time, Friday 23rd March, Morning session I

Co-chairs: Rick Taylor, Marc Blanchet

- Admin, Chairs, 5 min.

- TCPCLv4 Update, 15 mins
  Brian Sipos

- TCPCLv4, Partial Transfer and fragmentation, 10 mins
  Victoria Pritchard

- TCPCLv4, Completing Last Call, Chairs, 10 mins 
- BPSec interoperability suites, 15 mins
  Ed Birrane
- ADM and AMP update, 15 mins
  Ed Birrane

- Architecture for Delay-Tolerant Key Administration, 20 mins
  Scott Burleigh
- Bundle-in-bundle encapsulation and custody transfer, 20 mins
  Scott Burleigh

- Any other business / Open Mic