Agenda IETF102: nfvrg

Meeting Agenda Network Function Virtualization (nfvrg) RG
Title Agenda IETF102: nfvrg
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Meeting Agenda

--- Wednesday 18 July 2018, 1520-1650, Room Duluth ---
* Welcome and administrivia ~ 5 min
  + Scribe(s) and notetaker(s)
  + Agenda bashing
  + RG announcements

* Update on current and proposed drafts ~ 10 min
  + draft-aranda-nfvrg-recursive-vnf (P. Aranda, IMDEA Networks) 

* Discovery Mechanisms in the MANO Stack (C. Bernardos, UC3M) ~ 20 min
  In this presentation, we will describe why auto-discovery mechanisms
  in the NFV MANO stack are needed, by first looking at examples of such
  mechanisms. Then we will focus on of them: the discovery of VIMs from
  NFVOs and will describe an example of how to do that, based on IPv6.

* NFV research challenges related to network slicing ~ 55 min
  + NFV Slicing problems & impact analysis (A. Galis, University College London)
    It presents a review of the concepts and design enabling Network 
    Slicing (NS) in an NFV environment. NS is both an old and new idea.
    It summarises the main research & development problems in NS in an NFV
    environment as well as their impact. It includes also a comprehensive
    references list for SDOs activities and research projects in NS. While
    its scope and definition continue to evolve, there is reasonable level
    common understanding of the key central role it will play in future
    network and service delivery scenarios.

  + NFV Slicing framework (L. Geng, ChinaMobile) 
    This talk introduces the concept of network slicing and describes
    an overall architecture for its management and orchestration. The 
    function blocks in the management architecture are demonstrated and 
    the related interfaces are carefully investigated. Examples of how 
    this architecture works are also illustrated for the ease of understanding.

  + Network Slicing Roles and Interfacing in NFV systems
    (P. Martinez-Julia, NICT)
    Slicing physical and virtual resources in NFV is essential for exploiting
    their capabilities. This presentation discusses two technical points of view
    of NS applied to NFV and the minimum functional roles involved in such
    scheme and their interactions.

  + NFV Gateway Function for Network Slicing (S. Homma, NTT)
    Network slicing is an approach to create separate virtual networks
    depending on service requirements, and network slices are deployed with
    SDN and NFV technologies. This presentation discusses functionalites on
    data-plane for network slicing and the interaction with management-plane.