Agenda IETF103: homenet

Meeting Agenda Home Networking (homenet) WG
Title Agenda IETF103: homenet
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Meeting Agenda

IETF 103 - Homenet Agenda
Bangkok, Thailand
13:50-15:20 local time (Wednesday Afternoon session I)
Chitlada 3 room

Administrivia and Status Update (5m)

 - Blue Sheets
 - Note taker - TBC
 - Jabber relay - TBC

Simple Naming (Ted Lemon, 50 min)
 -- 15 minutes of this time will be dedicated to allowing people 
who don't know what's going on to ask questions.
 -- draft has undergone significant changes -- please read

SecureHomeGateway project demo video (Michael Richardson, 15 minutes)

Securing the home network – where are we at?

Charter – should we recharter?

AOB and wrap-up (5 min)