Agenda IETF103: tsvwg

Meeting Agenda Transport Area Working Group (tsvwg) WG
Title Agenda IETF103: tsvwg
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Last updated 2018-10-26

Meeting Agenda


TSVWG at IETF 103 Bangkok
WG Chairs: Gorry Fairhurst, David Black, Wes Eddy (remote)

Monday 1350-1550 Afternoon Session I

1. Agenda

2. Chairs Update: (15 mins) 
    RFC's completed:
    RFC 8436 Document Shepherd: David (Note title change)

    Drafts beyond WGLC
    draft-ietf-tsvwg-rfc4960-errata (AD) Document Shepherd: Gorry
    draft-ietf-tsvwg-fecframe-ext (IESG) Document Shepherd: Wes
    draft-ietf-tsvwg-rlc-fec-scheme (see below) Document Shepherd: Wes
    draft-ietf-tsvwg-le-phb  (Post WGLC) Document Shepherd: David

    draft-ietf-tsvwg-ecn-encap-guidelines (need reviewers + another WGLC)
    draft-ietf-tsvwg-rfc6040update-shim (need reviewers + another WGLC)

2.1 IANA Registries
    IANA ECN errata on RFC 8311
    Note on the ECN registry that ECT(1) is for experimental use
    and refer to RFC

2.2 Chairs: Milestone updates (5 minutes)

2.3 Chairs: Announcements and Heads-Up 
    Note about QUIC transport meeting this IETF (see TCPM Agenda)

2.4 Implementation (5 minutes)
    - Feedback from Hackathon

2.5 Chairs: Other Drafts Related to TSVWG (10 minutes)
    draft-olteanu-intarea-socks-6      - For info (Please discuss on INTAREA list)
    draft-troan-6man-pmtu-solution-space (Please discuss on 6MAN list)
    draft-leddy-6man-truncate          - For info (Please discuss on 6MAN list)
    draft-eastlake-sfc-nsh-ecn-support - For info (Please discuss on sfc list)

    draft-li-tsvwg-overlayed-path-segment-fwding  - For info (Discuss on tsvwg list)
    draft-han-tsvwg-ip-transport-qos  - For info (Please discuss on tsvwg list)
    draft-fairhurst-udp-options-cco   - See later
    draft-henry-tsvwg-diffserv-to-qci - See later

3.  Transport and Network

3.1 Colin Perkins: Impact of Transport Header Encryption (10 mins)

3.2 V. Roca (TBC): RLC FEC (5 mins)

3.3 Bob Briscoe: L4S ECN drafts (25 mins)

    L4S out-of-order forwarding 

3.4 Magnus Westerlund (TBC): Update on ECN in QUIC (10 minutes)

4.  New Work on DiffServ (if time permits)

4.1 J. Henry/T. Szigeti: Diffserv to QCI Mapping (10 mins)

4.2 Greg White: Non Queue Building Flows (10 mins)
4.3 Bob Briscoe: L4S Diffserv (Individual) (10 mins)

Wednesday 11:20-12:20 Morning Session II

5.  Transport Protocols and Mechanisms

5.1 Joe Touch (Remote): UDP Options (20 mins)
    draft-ietf-tsvwg-udp-options (gorry proxy if needed)

5.2 Michael Tuexen (remote): SCTP Drafts  (TBC,  10 min)

5.3 Tom Jones: Datagram PLPMTUD (10 mins)

5.4 Discussion of PMTUD from 6man (TBC, 10 mins)

6.  New Work on overlay networks (if time permits)

6.1 Problem description
    draft-li-tsvwg-overlayed-path-segment-fwding (5 mins)