Agenda IETF104: homenet

Meeting Agenda Home Networking (homenet) WG
Title Agenda IETF104: homenet
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Meeting Agenda

IETF 104 - Homenet Agenda
Prague, Czechia
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
9:00-11:00 Tuesday Morning session I 
Grand Ballroom

Administrivia and Status Update: Chair slides (10 minutes)

 - Blue Sheets
 - Note taker - TBC
 - Jabber relay - TBC

 - Thank you, goodbye, hello and welcome (AD changes)
 - Status of drafts (including brief verbal update
   from authors and interested parties of inactive drafts)

Simple Naming (including any Hackathon readout), joining IoT 
  edge routers to Homenets, and what are we actually producing anyway?
  and other drafts
  (Ted Lemon, 20 min)

Where do we go from here? (Chairs, 30 min)

AOB and wrap-up (5 min) [this leaves about 55 minutes unaccounted for]