Agenda IETF104: wgtlgo

Meeting Agenda Technology Deep Dive - Modern Router Architecture (wgtlgo) WG
Title Agenda IETF104: wgtlgo
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Meeting Agenda

   ´╗┐Technology Deep Dive - Modern Router Architecture (WGTLGO) 
IETF 104 - Wednesday, March 27, 1500-1700
Grand Ballroom
Chairs - Alvaro Retana, Karen O'Donoghue, Spencer Dawkins

* Administrivia - ADs
   * Note Well, Agenda Bash, Scribe Dragooning
* What do we do at a Technology Deep Dive
* "Spherical Routers"
   * Spencer
* Forwarding Plane Realities + Q&A
   * Frank Brockners, John Scudder, Toerless Eckert
* Summarizing implications for protocol designers
   * All - this is a working session
* Next Steps for the summary of implications for this topic
   * Chairs
* Next Steps for Technology Deep Dives on other topics
   * Chairs and AD