Agenda IETF106: abcd

Meeting Agenda Application Behavior Considering DNS (abcd) WG
Title Agenda IETF106: abcd
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Last updated 2019-11-13

Meeting Agenda

Application Behavior Considering DNS (ABCD)

WG-Forming BoF

  • Meeting: IETF 106
  • Date: 2019 November 19
  • Session: Tuesday Afternoon session I
  • Time: 13:30-15:00 GMT+08
  • Room: Padang, 4th Floor
  • Area Director: Barry Leiba
  • Chairs: Dave Lawrence, Ben Schwartz


  • 00-05 Note Well and Agenda Bashing
  • 05-10 Introduction and background refresher (Chairs)
  • 10-20 Report on canary domain experience (Andy Grover, Mozilla)
  • 20-35 Overview of the Adaptive DOH proposal (Tommy Pauly, Apple)
  • 35-45 Charter presentation (Chairs)
  • 45-90 Charter discussion

You can read the proposed charter here