Agenda IETF106: bmwg

Meeting Agenda Benchmarking Methodology (bmwg) WG
Title Agenda IETF106: bmwg
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Meeting Agenda

   Benchmarking Methodology WG (BMWG)

As of Nov 18, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (UTC+08)
13:30-15:00     Wednesday Afternoon session I
Room  Hullet    ops     bmwg

Remote Participation:

     P L E A S E    R E A D   T H E   D R A F T S  ! ! ! !

0. Agenda Bashing

1. WG Status  (Chairs)
   (Brief status below)
There are many proposals for new work...

1a. Benchmarking Methodology for EVPN and PBB-EVPN
   Presenter:  Chairs: WGLC Determination
   Related Draft:

2. Charter and Milestones (Chairs)

3. Benchmarking Methodology for Network Security Device Performance
   Early SecDir Review comments
   Presenter: Tim Winters (Carsten Rossenhoevel is a remote participant)
   Related RFC:
   Related Draft:
   Related Web page:

4. Back-to-back Frame Benchmark & OPNFV Plugfest/VSPERF Testing
   WG Adoption, ***then several comments on-list (Maciek, Vratko, Tim)***
   Presenter: Al Morton
   Related Draft:
   Background Slides with test results:

Continuing Proposals (topics may be added):

5. Methodology for VNF Benchmarking Automation
   Presenter:  Raphael Rosa
   Comments on-list resolved(?)
   Related Draft:
   Related Work:

   Related Publication:  (IEEE Comm Mag)

6. Considerations for Benchmarking Network Performance in Containerized
   Results from Hackathon, Updated Draft
   Presenter: Wangbong Lee
   Related Draft:

7. A YANG Data Model for Network Interconnect Tester Management
   Author: Vladimir Vassilev
   First presentation and Results from Hackathon
   Related Draft:

8. Benchmarking Methodology for EVPN Multihoming Restor. & Mass Withdrawal
   Comments on-list resolved
   Presenter:  Al Morton
   Related Drafts:



--- other candidates for agenda time follow ---

9. NFV Service Density Benchmarking
    Presenter: Maciek Konstantynowicz (remote) or Al standing-in
        Comments on the list
    Related Draft:

12. Benchmarking and the CNTT (Common NFVI Telco Taskforce)
   A key Industry Initiative where Benchmarking is part of the solution
   Presenter:  Al Morton

Not appearing this time:
5. Probabilistic Loss Ratio Search for Packet Throughput (PLRsearch)
   Presenter: Vratko Polak, Maciek Konstantynowicz (remote)
   Related Draft:

6. Multiple Loss Ratio Search for Packet Throughput (MLRsearch)
    (includes test results from CSIT)
   Presenter: Vratko Polak, Maciek Konstantynowicz (remote)
   Related Draft:

10. Benchmarking Methodology for EVPN Multicasting
   date changed
   Presenter:  Sudhin Jacob
   Related Draft:

11.Benchmarking Methodology for EVPN VPWS
   not presented at -104, date changed
   Presenter:  Sudhin Jacob
   Related Draft:

NEW Proposals:

13. 5G transport network benchmarking
   Presenter: Luis M. Contreras
   Related Draft:

x. Considerations for Benchmarking Network Virtualization Platforms
   (Presented this time?)
   Presenter: Samuel Kommu & Jacob Rapp
   Related Draft: