Agenda IETF106: rats

Meeting Agenda Remote ATtestation ProcedureS (rats) WG
Title Agenda IETF106: rats
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Meeting Agenda

   Remote Attestation Procedures (RATS)
IETF 106 - Singapore (2 sessions)
Chairs: Nancy Cam-Windget, Kathleen Moriarty and Ned Smith
Note: Kathleen and Ned will be remote, so please ensure they receive slides to
upload and other administrative tasks that can be easily accomplished from afar.

15:20-16:50     Tuesday Afternoon session II (90 minutes)
Room: VIP A

EAT Claims Discussion, Laurence Lundblade (30 minutes)
 o Software Inventory claims
 o Measurement and integrity claims
 o Public key claims

EAT Open Issues for discussion, Laurence Lundblade (60 minutes)
 o Detailed overview and discussion on submods and nesting.
 o Boot state / debug as levels, not Booleans
 o OEMID Clarifications
 o UEID size
 o cti, jti and nonce
 o Claim optionality
 o Claim characteristics PR. Relates too above.

10:00-12:00     Friday Morning session I (120 minutes)
Room: Orchard

Security Considerations for RIV draft (20 minutes - remote)

RATS Architecture (45 minutes)

YANG Module, Henk Birkholz (20 minutes)

RATS pub/sub model, Liang Xia (10 minutes)

Milestones, Summary of Calls for Adoption (15 minutes)
  - YANG Module draft
  - RIV draft
  - Architecture (go forward)

Open Mic (5 minutes)