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Agenda IETF108: coinrg

Meeting Agenda Computing in the Network Research Group (coinrg) RG
Date and time 2020-07-31 14:10
Title Agenda IETF108: coinrg
State Active
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Last updated 2020-07-18


0. Chairs update   -- 10 min

1) Reminder of IPR policies
2) Current drafts
3) Milestones list and plans for updating

1. Presentations

1) “Requirements of Computing in the Network”   -- 10 mins
(Peng Liu, China Mobile, China)

2) “Directions for Computing in the Network”    -- 10 mins
(Dirk Kutscher, University of Applied Sciences Emden, Germany; Joerg Ott, TUM,
Germany )

3) Data Discovery - Problem Statement, Edge, Mobility   -- 20 mins
(Michael McBride, Futurewei, USA; Eve M. Schooler, Intel; USA, Xavier De Foy,
Interdigital, Canada)

4) Current Work on the Industrial Use Cases, Transport Issues, and Security
Drafts   -- 10 mins (Ike Kunze, Aachen University, Germany)

5) Future Work: “Common Data Layer”   -- 10 mins
(Marie-José Montpetit, U. Concordia Montreal Canada ; Edgar Ramos, Ericsson
Finland ; Roberto Morabito, Princeton U. USA ; Eve M. Schooler, Intel USA)

2. Future plans and Discussion   -- 10 mins

1) Research Group Items
2) Interim in the Sept timeframe
3) Preparation for the next IETF meeting
4) Open discussion