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Agenda IETF108: gaia

Meeting Agenda Global Access to the Internet for All (gaia) RG
Title Agenda IETF108: gaia
State Active
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Last updated 2020-07-24

# Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA) WG
## IETF 108, Online

* Date: 2020-07-28 (Tuesday)
* Time: 13:00 UTC (GMT) 50 mins
* Room video:
* Room audio:
* Room chat:

* Chair: Jane Coffin
* Chair: Leandro Navarro

* [DataTracker]
* [Slides: upload yours]
* [Notes]

## Agenda

### Administrivia

* Welcome, Agenda Bashing, Minutes taker, Blue Sheets, etc.
        - Jane Coffin (on-site) & Leandro Navarro (remote), co-chairs,
        - 10 minutes

### Current Working Group Presentations:
        - About 10 minutes for every speaker

Challenges in the rural communities: access to reliable, relevant information,
and mobilization to build resilience Sol Luca de Tena, Zenzeleni Mankosi (ZA)

Energy and connectivity
Mennan Selimi, SEEU North Macedonia

The environmental sustainability of the Internet for all and everything
Leandro Navarro, UPC

### AOB

* Next steps for GAIARG: Revision, update of documents
        - Chairs/All
        - 5 minutes