Agenda IETF109: nmrg

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Meeting Agenda

NMRG 59th meeting
IETF 109, Online

Thursday, November 19, 2020, 16:00-18:00 (UTC+7), Room 3

RG Chairs:
* Laurent Ciavaglia
* Jéröme François

RG Secretaries
* Jéferson Campos Nobre
* Pedro Martinez-Julia

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    Audio recording:
    Video recording:

Part 1: Intent-based Networking (45min.)
        •       Status on active Internet Drafts
                o       Concepts and Definitions (in RG last call), Laurent

                o       Intent Classification, Olga Havel

                o       Transport Slice Intent, Luis Contreras

        •       Use cases discussion

Part 2: AI for Network Management (40 min.)
        •       Status of the document on Research Challenges in Artificial
        Intelligence for Network Management

        •       AI for Network and Service Automation: Standardization Enablers
        and Research Directions, Laurent Ciavaglia

Part 3: Scouting topic (15 min.)
        •       Multilevel configuration, Luis Contreras

Part 4: Miscellaneous (if time allows)
        •       Update on Metadata-based Aggregation of Telemetry Flows, Sonia
        Fernandez Tejeria •       Update on Concepts of Digital Twin Network,
        Cheng Zhou •       Other topics/presentations