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Agenda IETF110: coinrg

Meeting Agenda Computing in the Network Research Group (coinrg) RG
Date and time 2021-03-12 16:00
Title Agenda IETF110: coinrg
State Active
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Last updated 2021-03-12


0. Chairs update - 5 min
Reminder of IPR policies
Research focus

1. Research Presentations (15 mins each)

1) FlowLens (NDSS’21) - Diogo Barradas, U. Lisbon - joint work with Nuno
Santos, Luís Rodrigues, Salvatore Signorello, Fernando M. V. Ramos and André

2) Packet Subscription - Theo Jepsen, Stanford

3) FogStore: Toward a Distributed Data Store for Fog Computing - Harshit Gupta,
Georgia Tech

4) Towards Session Consistency for the Edge - Seyed Hossein Mortazavi, Eyal de
Lara, University of Toronto

5) The connected intelligent machines’ technology journey - Edgar Ramos,

2. Drafts Updates

draft-sarathchandra-coin-appcentres-04 - Dirk Trossen - 10 minutes
“In-Network Computing for App-Centric Micro-Services”

draft-hsingh-coinrg-reqs-p4comp-03 - Hemant Singh - 10 minutes
"Requirements for P4 Program Splitting for Heterogeneous Network Node”

draft-hsingh-coinrg-p4use-00 - Hemant Singh - 5 minutes
“Use of P4 Programs in IETF Specifications”

3. Discussion - 10 minutes

4. Conclusions and Future Plans
Interim and IETF 111
Drafts list
Goal for the next Interim: Update Milestones