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Agenda IETF114: bmwg

Meeting Agenda Benchmarking Methodology (bmwg) WG
Date and time 2022-07-26 19:00
Title Agenda IETF114: bmwg
State Active
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Last updated 2022-07-24

BMWG Session (IETF-114)
July 26, Tuesday Session III
15:00-17:00 Local Time (Philadelphia, UTC-0400)
Other Time Zones:  19:00-21:00 UTC
Room: Freedom G      ops        bmwg

Draft Agenda as of July 24, 2022

Warren Kumari on Operations Area Director's Role

WG Status:

 - IESG Comment Resolution, WG Adoptions, and Proposals

WG Drafts:

 - Multiple Loss Ratio Search
   + deatiled update from Vratko:
   - started a larger rewrite of the MLRsearch draft
   - lots of earlier material has been commented-out

- Benchmarking Methodology for Network Security Device Performance
   - Working with TSV-ART to resolve details needed for TCP traffic
   - Revised version needed following IESG Review
- A YANG Data Model for Network Tester Management
   - Resolved objection, adopted.
   - Hackathon@114

WG Adoption Review:

 + Benchmarking Methodology for Stateful NATxy Gateways using RFC 4814
   Pseudorandom Port Numbers
   - One set of comments exchanged during (so far) adoption call - extended
   - ~5 people have discussed the draft on the list in May-July, 2021
   - Reference to procedures in RFC 8219
   - TCP-based testing = compliments the NG security device testing?
   - Another revised version of the Draft available -
   - novelties of the draft (and also some new measurement results)


 + Benchmarking Methodology for MPLS Segment Routing - Paolo Volpato
   Related Draft:

 + Benchmarking Methodology for IPv6 Segment Routing - Eduard Vasilenko
   Related Draft:

 + AOB


 "below the line"

  + Problems and Requirements of Evaluation Methodology for
   Integrated Space and Terrestrial Networks
   - new draft, new participants!  Presenter: Zeqi Lai and co-authors
   - Key question: what limited aspect of the many-dimensional ISTN problem
   presented here could be pursued for benchmarking network DUT/SUT? - IOW,
   what aspects of the problem can be deferred, and yet keep results meaningful
   to some audience?

 + Considerations for Benchmarking Network Performance in Containerized
   - Sharing updates and progress at previous Hackathon
   - Tran Minh Ngoc presenting