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Agenda IETF114: lpwan

Meeting Agenda IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Date and time 2022-07-27 17:30
Title Agenda IETF114: lpwan
State Active
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Last updated 2022-07-25


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Meeting Information

WG Meeting Agenda

[13:30] Administrivia [5min]

  • Presenter: Alexander Pelov
  • Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
  • WG / drafts Status
  • Intro to the need for rechartering

[13:35] Status of SCHC-over-NBIOT (Publication Requested) [5min]

[13:40] Yang Data Model for SCHC (Publication Requested) [10min]

  • Associated draft: draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-yang-data-model
  • Presenter: Laurent Toutain
  • Topics: Present the updates on the data model, discuss on the security part and the integration of this Data Model is a Data Model with device/core identities.

[13:50] Compound Ack (Path to Publication) [5min]

  • Associated draft: draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-compound-ack
  • Presenter: Sergio Aguilar Romero
  • Topics: Present the latest changes in the draft, according to Dominiques review, and shepherd actions

[13:55] Status of SCHC-over-SigFox [5min]

[14:00] New Work on SCHC IP number (not in charter) [10min]

[14:10] Status of the Architecture draft [10min]

[14:20] Rechartering [QS]

  • Open discussion on need (applying SCHC to Non-LPWAN techs)
  • Presenter: Chairs