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Agenda IETF114: scitt

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Meeting Agenda Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust (scitt) WG Snapshot
Date and time 2022-07-28 17:30
Title Agenda IETF114: scitt
State Active
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Last updated 2022-07-18

Agenda for the SCITT BOF:

- Welcome and Introduction (5 min): Chairs
- BoF Goals and Interim BoF Recap (5 min): Chairs
- Problem Statement (10 min): Robert Martin (Mitre)
- Terms & Architecture (15 min) Cedric Fournet (Microsoft)
- Clarifying Questions (5 min)
- Milestones & Program of Work (10 min): Henk Birkholz (Fraunhofer SIT)
- Discussion (50 min): Everyone
- BoF Questions (15 min): Chairs / Area Director
- Wrap-up and Conclusion (5 min): Area Director