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Agenda IETF115: tdd: Tue 07:30

Meeting Agenda Technology Deep Dive (tdd) Team
Date and time 2022-11-08 07:30
Title Agenda IETF115: tdd: Tue 07:30
State Active
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Last updated 2022-10-24


QUIC Technical Deep Dive Agenda

IETF 115 - London

Session 1: 08:00 UTC+0 Monday 7 November 2022

The first session gives an overview of what QUIC is, and why, how it is layered, and how this differs from other IETF transport protocols.

  • Welcome and Introduction (Brian Trammell, 5 min)
  • Introduction to QUIC (Jana Iyengar, 25 min)
  • The Mechanics of Encrypted Transport (Martin Thomson, 25 min)

Session 2: 07:30 UTC+0 Tuesday 8 November 2022

The second session dives deeper on selected topics in QUIC, its design, development, and production deployment. It concludes with a Q+A with a panel of the TDD presenters.

  • Welcome and Introduction (Brian Trammell, 5 min)
  • Deploying QUIC at Scale (Ian Swett / Martin Duke, 25 min)
  • Applying, Observing, and Debugging QUIC (Lucas Pardue, 25 min)
  • Panel discussion / Q+A (Brian Trammell, moderating, 30 min)