Agenda for TRANS at IETF-91

Meeting Agenda Public Notary Transparency (trans) WG
Title Agenda for TRANS at IETF-91
State Active
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Last updated 2014-10-13

Meeting Agenda

   IETF-91 trans agenda
15:20 - 17:20 Monday 10 Nov 2014

     Issue tracker status
     Requirements for entry into the log
     6962-bis update
     Gossip protocol document
     Client/monitor protocol document
     CT for DNSSEC
     CT for executables
     Compressed CRLs [Phillip]
     Any other business?

     administrivia (~5 minutes)
         blue sheets, scribes, agenda-bashing

Status update (~15 minutes)
     milestone review
     quickie overview of draft status
     open trac issues run-down (Eran)

Requirements for entry into the log (~20 minutes)

6962-bis (Ben, ~10 minutes)
     current state
     what needs to be done between now and working group last call

Gossip protocol (Linus?, Daniel?, ~10 minutes)
     current state

Client/monitor protocol document (~5 minutes)
     Looking for volunteers

CT for DNSSEC (Dacheng, ~15 minutes)

CT for executables (Dacheng, ~15 minutes)

Compressed CRLs (Phillip, ~10 minutes)

Any other business?