Agenda for 6TISCH at IETF-93

Meeting Agenda IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Agenda for 6TISCH at IETF-93
State Active
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Last updated 2015-07-13

Meeting Agenda

Intro and Status                                  [5min] (Chairs)
   * Note-Well, Blue Sheets, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
   * Drafts progression vs. plan

6TiSCH Plugtests report                          [15min]
  * Organization report                                  (Miguel Angel Reina Ortega)
  * Tools:
      *             (Dominique Barthel)
      * Golden Device                                    (Tengfei Chang)
  * Summary test cases, anonymized success highlights    (Maria Rita Palattella)
  * Lesson learned                                       (Thomas Watteyne)

Hackathon report                                  [5min] (Maria Rita Palattella)

  * INT-DIR review and resolutions                       (Pascal Thubert)

  * RPL artifacts and 6LoRH at 6lo                       (Gabriel Montenegro,  5min)
  * Example format and security section                  (Xavi Vilajosana,    20min)
  * Shepherd status and IESG submission                  (Pascal Thubert,      5min)

  * Update on changes                                    (Qin Wang, Xavi Vilajosana alt.)
  * Readiness assessment                                 (all)

CoMI News                                        [15min]
  *  and
     in 6TiSCH context   (Peter van der Stok, 10min)
  * Michel's Proposal to avoid hash collisions           (Michel Veillette,    5min)

Distributed scheduling                           [10min]
  *                  (Diego Dujovne)
  *                    (Qin Wang)

DetNet and dependencies                          [10min]
  * BoF news                                             (Lou Berger)
  *                (Chonggang Wang)
  *                     (Pascal Thubert)

Re-chartering kickstart and AOB (chairs)          [5min]