Agenda for DOTS at IETF-93

Meeting Agenda DDoS Open Threat Signaling (dots) WG
Title Agenda for DOTS at IETF-93
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Meeting Agenda

   DDoS Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) WG Agenda

TUESDAY, July 21, 2015
1740-1840  Afternoon Session III
Congress Hall  II  SEC   dots   DDoS Open Threat Signaling WG

Co-Chairs: Roman Danyliw and Tobias Gondrom

1. Note well, logistics, charter introduction (chairs, 5 min)

2. Use Case Discussion (20 min) 
  - draft-mglt-dots-use-cases-00 (Daniel Migault, 10 min)
  - draft-xia-dots-extended-use-cases-00 (Frank Xialiang 10 min)

3. Requirements Discussion (20 min)
   - draft-mortensen-threat-signaling-requirements-00 (Andrew Mortensen
, 10 min)
   - Chris Morrow and Roland Dobbins (10 min)

4. Way Ahead for Use Cases and Requirements Discussion (10 min)
  - Way ahead for use case discussion
  - Way ahead for requirements discussion
  - Who is implementing
  - Virtual Interim Meeting in September 2015

5. Summaries of Other Drafts (5 min)
  - draft-teague-open-threat-signaling-01 (Nik Teague)
  - draft-reddy-dots-transport-00 (Tiru Reddy)