Agenda for ECRIT at IETF-94

Meeting Agenda Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies (ecrit) WG
Title Agenda for ECRIT at IETF-94
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Last updated 2015-10-19

Meeting Agenda

   ECRIT Agenda - 09:00-10:00, Wednesday Morning Session, November 4th, 2015 IETF94 Yokohama

5 min * Agenda Bashing, Draft Status Update (Chairs)

10 min * Internet Protocol-based In-Vehicle Emergency Calls (Randall)

10 min * Next-Generation Pan-European eCall (Randall)

10 min * Data-Only Emergency Calls

10 min * Validation of Locations Around a Planned Change

10 min * A LoST extension to return complete and similar location info

5 min * Discussion