Agenda for TAPS at IETF-95

Meeting Agenda Transport Services (taps) WG
Title Agenda for TAPS at IETF-95
State Active
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Last updated 2016-03-24

Meeting Agenda

   Doc 1a update - Naeem Khademi 
  “On the Usage of Transport Service Features Provided by IETF Transport Protocols”
  (1) Should (D)TLS be addressed?

UDP+UDP-L - Gorry Fairhurst
  (1) Does this capture UDP API usage? (especially if you program 
      using UDP).
  (2) What should/could this ID say about multicast use of UDP?
  (3) Would the WG be happy to take this, or a future revision of 
      this draft, as input to the current working group draft?

Constructing the minimal required TAPS service set - Stein Gjessing
  (1) How to give guidance to the application?
  (2) What, how and why put mechanisms under the hood?

NEAT: a project implementing TAPS - Michael Tuexen 
  NEAT is an H2020-funded EU project that is developing a system 
  which allows network “services” to be offered to applications 
  based on their requirements and system policies. This will include 
  an implementation of TAPS.  This is a work-in-progress and in early 
  stages of development. However, we believe in open code and have 
  therefore already made the NEAT repository public. Suggestions, 
  comments and patches are welcome on github. The NEAT repository can 
  be accessed here: