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Agenda IETF97: ietf: Wed 16:40

Meeting Agenda IETF (ietf) IETF
Date and time 2016-11-16 07:40
Title Agenda IETF97: ietf: Wed 16:40
State Active
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Last updated 2016-11-12

1. Welcome (IETF chair)

2. Host Presentation (host)

3. Brief updates on hot topics

    Note: Reports posted earlier

    - IETF-wide issues (IETF chair)
    - Administrative topics (IAOC/Trust Chairs)
    - NomCom update and requests (Nomcom Chair)
    - IRTF update (IRTF Chair)

4. Jonathan B. Postel Award (ISOC BOT Chair)

5. IETF 98 Welcome

6. Technical plenary: Attacks Against the Architecture

7. IAB Open Mic Session

8. IAOC Open Mic Session

9. IESG Open Mic Session