Agenda IETF98: avtcore

Meeting Agenda Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (avtcore) WG
Title Agenda IETF98: avtcore
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Meeting Agenda

   Avtcore: Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance WG Meeting
Date and Time: Tuesday 28/03/17, Morning Session, 
Room: Zurich A
Chairs: Jonathan Lennox / Rachel Huang

1. Note Well, Note Takers, Agenda Bashing - (Chairs, 9:00, 5 min)

2. WG Status - (Chairs, 9:05, 5 min)

   Status of working group draft:

      draft-ietf-avtext-lrr                   [ready for WGLC]
      draft-ietf-avtcore-aria-sdes            [In progress]
      draft-ietf-avtcore-aria-srtp            [In progress]
      draft-ietf-avtcore-mprtp                [In progress]
      draft-ietf-avtcore-rfc5285-bis          [AD evaluation]
3. Chartered work:

   Frame Marking RTP Header Extension (Mo Zanaty, 9:10, 20 min)


4. Proposed new work:

    DTLS/SRTP Registration for AES256-CTR (Jonathan Lennox, 9:30, 10 min)


5. Next steps and open mic - (Chairs, 9:40, 5 min)