Agenda for CORE at interim-2010-core-1

Meeting Agenda Constrained RESTful Environments (core) WG
Title Agenda for CORE at interim-2010-core-1
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Meeting Agenda

   6LoWPAN WG Agenda for IETF 79
Version 1 -- this is a drafty draft

* TUESDAY, November 9, 2010
1520-1810  Afternoon Session II/III
Valley Ballroom A

15:20 Chair Intro
	Blue sheets
	Note Takers
	Jabber Scribes
        Brief WG and Document status (chairs)

15:30 	Completing 6LoWPAN-ND (work item 1)

Objective: close remaining issues.
(insert issues from tracker here, e.g., #126, #127, #128)

*** Last hour: loose ends, further work ***

17:10	Status Security (work item 6)
	draft-qiu-6lowpan-secure-router-01.txt (to be discussed in ROLL)
        draft-oflynn-core-bootstrapping-02.txt (to be discussed in CoRE)

Objective: get a feeling of whether there is renewed energy in this
subject.  How does the existing 6lowpan security work relate to that
in ROLL and CoRE?  HIPRG?

17:20	New work: Header Compression

	17:25 TCP header compression

Objective: assess the draft, find out whether WG is interested in this work

        17:40 Generic header compression

Objective: assess the draft, find out whether WG is interested in this work

17:50	New work: status of miscellaneous submissions

Objective: quick discussion on the disposition -- should we encourage
Pascal to pursue these as independent submissions?  Or do we try to
pick them up?

17:55	Next steps

Objective: what is missing to complete the current work?
Do we want to recharter to address new work?