Agenda for XMPP at IETF-interim-2011-xmpp-1

Meeting Agenda Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (xmpp) WG
Title Agenda for XMPP at IETF-interim-2011-xmpp-1
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Meeting Agenda

   Interim Meeting of the IETF XMPP Working Group, in conjunction with XMPP Summit 10.

Date and Time: Monday 7 February, 2011 from 1300-1630 CET

Location: Cisco Systems, Pegasus Park, De Kleetlaan 6, 1831 Diegem, Belgium (Brussels)


-- Status and Agenda Bashing: 10 minutes -- Chairs

-- Internationalization Issues: 120 minutes -- Peter

-- Domain Name Assertions:  30 minutes -- Richard

-- SASL preference ordering:  15 minutes -- Alexey and/or Peter

-- Handling namespace prefix rule violations: 15 Minutes -- Matthew and/or Peter

-- Open Discussion: Any remaining time and energy.