Agenda for CORE at interim-2012-core-2

Meeting Agenda Constrained RESTful Environments (core) WG
Title Agenda for CORE at interim-2012-core-2
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Last updated 2012-06-04

Meeting Agenda

   CoRE Virtual Interim 2012-06-04

* Call to order (10 min)

-- Notetakers etc.
-- Agenda bashing

* CoAP (59 min)

-- check defined resolution and go ahead

#230  Multiple Location options need to be processed as a unit   new     
protocol defect   minor
        - Proposed solution in Section 6 of coap-misc-17
#201  Clarify use of retransmission window for duplicate detection   new     
editorial   minor
        - Are we OK with Carsten's proposed solution in Section 7 of
#238  Proxy terminology   new      editorial   minor
        - Zach proposes "translating proxy"

-- discuss

#214  Adopt vendor-defined option into core-coap   new      protocol
enhancement   minor
        - Cullen had some push-back on this in the last interim meeting. Felt
        it was better to make the registration more permissible instead. Needs
        more discussion.
#215  editorial issues around Congestion Control   new      editorial   major
        - Carsten has an open AP to propose changes in the ticket

-- tickets with a clear solution (not planning to discuss)

#202  Remove the 270 byte artificial limit   new      protocol defect   minor
#207  Add advice on default values for critical options   new      editorial  
minor #212  Option numbers 14, 28, 42, ... reserved but usable   new     
editorial   minor #213  Path/Query options minimum length   new      protocol
defect   minor #216  IANA: get Multicast addresses   new      other technical  
major #218  Mostly obvious section 5.10.8 fixes   new   other
technical   minor #222  RawPublicKey identifier   new  
protocol enhancement   minor #224  Clarify the concept of end-point   new     
editorial   major #226  Clarify which language addresses intermediaries in
general vs. forward proxies specifically   new      other technical   major
#228  Proxying of multicast requests   new      protocol enhancement   minor
#229  Move sections 10-10.2. out of the "Security Considerations"   new     
editorial   minor #231  Splitting/combining Location options   new      other
technical   minor #232  Clarify inclusion of Location options in a 2.01
(Created) #response   new      editorial   minor #233  Response codes with
payload inconsistency   new      editorial   trivial #239  Always reserve
option delta 15   new      other technical   minor

* Observe (59 min)

-- check defined resolution and go ahead

#204  Introduce a minimal version of Pledge   new      protocol enhancement  
        - Max-Age is OK as is
        - Proposal for Pledge in Section 4.3 of coap-misc-17
#221  Occasionally sending CON is not just a security consideration   new     
protocol defect   minor
        - Cullen proposed that we define a constant of at least once a day for
        this. OK?

-- discuss

#217  how fast must the observe clock be able to go?   new      protocol
enhancement   major
        - Need to agree on how long a packet can be in the network (conclusion
        from last interim meeting notes)

-- tickets with a clear way forward (not planning to discuss)

#219  Clarify that observe is about eventual consistency   new      editorial  

#223  Fix reordering detection condition description   new      editorial  
minor #225  Explain why it is not always possible to react to a RST that is in
reply to a NON   new      editorial   minor #227  Make aborting the previous
transaction optional   new      protocol enhancement   minor
        - Proposed changing into a quality of implementation note
#234  Editorial updates to -observe examples   new   editorial
  minor #235  Avoid extending the base standard retransmission rules   new     
other technical   minor #236  Clarify the semantics of the "obs" link target
attribute   new      other technical   minor #237  Multicast -> reference
groupcomm draft   new      editorial   minor