Agenda for RTCWEB at interim-2012-rtcweb-2

Meeting Agenda Real-Time Communication in WEB-browsers (rtcweb) WG
Title Agenda for RTCWEB at interim-2012-rtcweb-2
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Meeting Agenda

Interim meeting
June 12-13, 2012

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Agenda Day 1
- Use Cases (2 H)
* New use cases needing additional discussion if not resolved on
mailing list.
* Use cases that require cloning (yes or no?)

- WebRTC's RTP Usage (3 H)
* Topologies that need to be supported
- what can be at one end of peer connection and what can be at other end
* Walk through of all the pieces suggested
- how to map media streams to rtp session.
 -- example: describe how retransmission SSRCs relate to main SSRCs
- mapping between RTP and what happens in JS

- JSEP (To be continued day 2)
Agenday Day 2
JSEP Continuation
Discussion of State Machine
* Interactions allowed
* SDP specification
 -- mapping between SDP and what happens in JS

- Security
* Continued Consent
* Identity and IdP
* Details of Security Architecture