Agenda for DMM at interim-2014-dmm-2

Meeting Agenda Distributed Mobility Management (dmm) WG
Title Agenda for DMM at interim-2014-dmm-2
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Meeting Agenda

DMM Meeting Agenda@IETF 91

0900-1130 HST Wednesday Morning Session 
0900-0910: 10min/Chairs
  Call to order, agenda bashing

0910-0935: working team1: Exposing mobility state, Alper/25min

0935-1000: working team2: Enhanced anchoring, Anthony/25min

1000-1025: working team3: Forwarding path and signaling Management, Macro/25min

1025-1050: working team4: Distributed mobility management deployment models and scenarios, Sri/25min

1050-1110: AREO related topic Fred/20min
	   1) DHCPv6 Service Model and IPv6 link-local address forming
	   2) IPv6 Neighbor Discovery mobility signaling
	   3) AERO mobility scenarios (intra-network, Internet-wide, proxy AERO)
	   4) AERO correspondent node capability discovery

1110-1120: Privacy considerations for DMM Charles E. Perkins/10min